With XM Cloud, your time to market is on average 35% faster. You quickly create and launch personalized customer experiences, analyze customer and content data, and optimize them with A/B tests.


Increase site speeds for better Google Lighthouse scores and customer experiences thanks to the headless architecture. The Google PageSpeed score goes from an original 20 to 98. The load time with 200 concurrent visitors goes from an original 1.5 seconds to 256 milliseconds.


Write once, deliver everywhere on thousands of different customer touchpoints. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Martech stack.


Take advantage of user-friendly tools and intuitive workflows to easily create and manage content. New features are automatically rolled out. It now takes only 2 hours to create a new website with new styling ready for content placement. And within 5 minutes, you have new pages ready to launch compared to over 2 hours previously.


You have 50% lower infrastructure costs and no more upgrade costs, fewer internal personnel. The costs are predictable from now on.


Sitecore XM Cloud is the platform that grows with you. It can automatically handle peaks in demand and is JAMStack-ready.

Powerful Marketing with Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore XM Cloud is part of the new Sitecore Composable DXP. This fully composable digital experience platform enables you to create superior customer experiences seamlessly tailored to the unique needs of every organization and each customer. The DXP Suite is divided into the 'Content Cloud,' which includes XM Cloud, 'Engagement Cloud,' and 'Commerce Cloud.'

Thanks to this composable setup, you can determine what your marketing team needs. From a CMS, DAM, or search functions to personalization, automation, order cloud, or more. You choose what will help you achieve your goals, leaving everything else behind. This way, you create a platform that perfectly fits your needs. If your needs change, no problem – you can easily turn a new component on or off.

For more information about Sitecore XM Cloud and uxbee's unique strategy, check out our webinar trilogy on the subject.

Unleash full marketing potential with minimum investment

Switching from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud is not only cost-effective with potential annual savings of up to 100K, but also empowers your marketing team to harness the latest Sitecore innovations. 

We understand that the initial migration costs might be daunting. At uxbee, we've developed an approach that not only limits the upfront expenses but also allows for them to be spread out.

With this approach, we ensure that you won't exceed your budget in the first year, allowing a significant portion of your budget to be allocated towards activities like lead generation and optimizing the customer experience.

Interested in learning more about this strategy? Reach out to us or download our whitepaper to discover how you can leverage the power of Sitecore XM Cloud without putting undue strain on your budget.

Sitecore XM Cloud cost savings

Guaranteed annual cost savings!

Making the switch from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud results in substantial annual cost savings.

The chart showcases the average savings uxbee has achieved for its clients by making the transition to Sitecore XM Cloud.

If you're interested in learning more about what a transition to Sitecore XM Cloud could mean for you and how we can make this a reality for your business, please reach out for further details.

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Not using Sitecore yet?

Are you not yet utilizing Sitecore as your content management and marketing platform and wonder what it can bring to your organization? Explore the capabilities of Sitecore’s next generation DXP platform.

Even if you haven't adopted Sitecore yet, our migration strategy offers tangible benefits for you.

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At uxbee, we comprehend the challenges faced by marketers collaborating with technical teams. Forget the language barrier between strategy and code – we rewrite the rules. Our experts are fluent in both languages, ensuring an exceptionally smooth collaboration.

We are a specialized digital agency, focusing on technology, implementation, and process. Leveraging our profound knowledge of a single platform, we provide effective advice and support, resulting in an outstandingly functional platform. In uxbee, you won't find a full-service agency, but rather a collaborative partner with focus, expertise, seniority, and specialization.

Because we believe: to specialize = to excel.

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