Customized digital customer experience solutions; professionally designed and executed.

Our team consists of some of the most driven and experienced architects, developers, marketers, project managers, and CX strategists out there. No challenge is too big for us, and there's no problem for which we don't have a solution.

By carefully listening to the wishes and challenges of the client, adopting a pragmatic approach, and having an eye for the future, we deliver solutions that continue to assist customers like you in achieving your strategic and technological objectives.

Essential for achieving digital customer experience solutions (DCX) is gaining a thorough understanding of both the organization's strategic objectives and customer journeys. Subsequently, you must be able to translate the technical capabilities of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) into the desired solution to achieve these objectives and continuously optimize the individual customer journey.

For this purpose, in-depth expertise is crucial. Uxbee provides this expertise with its team of CX and Solution Architects, UX/UI Designers, and developers. With this support, your team can confidently make the right choices and design, implement, and maintain a suitable DCX solution.

What can we do for you?

The composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP), based on MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless), offers a flexible, cost-effective, and modular solution, unlike All-In-One solutions. A composable solution is easy to integrate, reduces vendor dependency, and provides advanced functionalities. The choice between an All-In-One or composable DXP depends on the specific needs and goals of your organization. Uxbee offers a suitable solution for both types with Sitecore.

Do you need technical reinforcement from developers for your new or existing project? We offer specialists who can collaborate with your team on-site. Our close collaboration ensures, regardless of the size of your project, new perspectives and faster completion within a pre-planned roadmap. Team as a Service (TaaS) provides niche expertise without the need for additional personnel. Concerns during your digital project are spared, thanks to our experienced cloud-native team. Inquire whether TaaS is suitable for your project.

In addition to setting up the right architecture and DXP platform, we also design and develop websites, portals, customer environments, mobile apps, and other digital solutions that land on the DXP platform. By working closely with our clients, we make it our mission to understand their unique needs and develop innovative, user-friendly solutions that contribute to realizing their unique customer experience.

A Digital Experience Platform does not stand alone within the application ecosystem of an organization. The ability to integrate easily with other solutions is essential for creating a holistic customer view and a unique customer experience. Additionally, technology is continually evolving, so it's important that changes within the DXP can be executed relatively easily and cost-effectively. The expertise within uxbee and the composable solutions we deploy ensure that you can seamlessly continue to integrate, allowing you to effectively leverage available information.

Would you like to switch to Sitecore XM Cloud as your new DXP? Are you already using Sitecore XP and want to migrate to Sitecore XM Cloud to save significantly and let your marketing team benefit from the latest marketing technology?

A switch or migration is less costly and complex than you might think. We can attest to this, as we have assisted many organizations in a successful transition.

Read more about the possibilities here.