The 5 uxbee Pillars of Marketing Enablement Services

The mission of uxbee is to create happy customers. Our approach is focused on leveraging technology and functionality to the fullest, aiming to get the most out of the Sitecore platform.

1. Inspiration

Discover the power of Sitecore!

In this interactive inspiration session, you explore the diverse possibilities of the Sitecore platform together with our Sitecore Marketing Specialists. The goal is to inspire marketers and content managers, showing them the power of Sitecore.

2. Readiness Assessment

Is everything ready to go?

In order to get started with Sitecore energetically, it is important that the technical foundation is set up correctly. Before we can proceed to step 3, uxbee's development team performs a quick scan of the technology and marketing feature enablement of the existing environment.

3. Enablement Workshop

Working together towards your goals!

Once the technical and configuration aspects are fine-tuned, the real fun begins. Our specialists, alongside your team, get hands-on during the enablement workshop. How do personalization, automation plans, profiling, and more work? We cover it all!

4. Activation

Together, we translate your goals into Sitecore.

We now tangibly work with the outcomes of the Enablement workshop. Our Sitecore marketing specialists provide hands-on support to your marketing team in implementing these outcomes. We collaborate to determine how support should be provided to perfectly align with your specific needs.

5. Adoption

Secure the knowledge & uxbee is always ready!

After spending time with your marketing team and them becoming familiar with almost all the ins and outs of the Sitecore platform, we move into the adoption phase. We ensure that all transferred knowledge is secured, a helpline is available, and we proactively keep you informed about what's new or could be even better.

Maximize your Sirecore platform

Our mission is to enable you, as a (content) marketer, to independently use your Sitecore platform in your daily tasks. Being hands-on with the controls is what it's all about, and that begins with implementation. We listen carefully and consider your wishes and requirements from the start. With an intensive and tailor-made adoption program, we ensure you have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the platform. This sets us apart from others.

We also understand that you have questions and challenges in your daily tasks. How do you personalize content and automate certain marketing activities? Can you integrate other tools you use? We answer your questions. Our experienced Sitecore marketing team, including the only Sitecore MVP strategist in the Netherlands, is ready to help. Our ultimate goal is to anchor the knowledge we transfer within your team.

How can we help your team?

Our team of specialists can support your marketing team on various fronts. For this purpose, we have developed several services focused on the different challenges that exist. We can conduct an audit on an existing Sitecore implementation. Do you have your own developers? We can coach them in their work.

And if you, as a marketer, have some challenges you'd like to discuss with our experts, we can help with that too. Below, we provide more details about what these services entail. Our focus is always on aligning our services with your unique situation, with customization as a priority.

Sitecore Audits & Developer Coaching

Getting the most out of your Sitecore platform starts at the drawing board. Every organization is unique, with its own wishes and needs, and these must be taken into account from the implementation stage. A poorly implemented Sitecore platform can lead to significant frustration and annoyance among end-users because certain features do not function correctly or at all.

We can help prevent this. Our Sitecore MVPs each have more than 12 years of experience with Sitecore, and some have even worked at Sitecore for many years. They know better than anyone what a good implementation should look like. A Sitecore Audit can provide you with certainty about whether you're on the right path. A comprehensive report provides concrete guidance on where adjustments may be needed. Our team can do this for you, and we can ensure that this knowledge is embedded with existing developers.

Get to know team uxbee

Stepstone Business Optimization Workshops

If Sitecore is the platform you currently use and you want it to support you in achieving your digital marketing goals, you must translate those goals into the platform. Often, marketing teams struggle at this point. How can you use Sitecore features such as personalization, marketing automation, and profiling to increase ROI? How do you interpret the analytics available in Sitecore, and how do you ensure that you can continually optimize the customer experience based on this data?

At uxbee, we have developed the Stepstone model for this purpose. Every organization has a certain level of digital maturity, and based on that, we can determine the right actions together with you. Then, we help you translate these into Sitecore. Importantly, our experts sit on the same side of the table as your content managers and marketers, speaking the same language and ensuring that all knowledge is embedded within your team.