Sitecore XM Cloud in action: Fijn Wonen's successful migration

Over the past period, uxbee, together with the passionate marketing team of Fijn Wonen, has worked intensively to migrate Fijn Wonen's Sitecore XP environment to XM Cloud. Fijn Wonen is part of Van Wijnen, one of the Netherlands' largest construction concerns and a market leader in affordable housing. Van Wijnen is active in project development, housing construction, renovation and transformation, and real estate management.

During the migration, we utilized various products from the renewed composable DXP suite of Sitecore, such as XM Cloud, Pages, Send, Search, XM Forms, and Connect. Thanks to this powerful combination of products, we successfully migrated Fijn Wonen's website and business portal to the advanced Sitecore XM Cloud platform. Additionally, our Sitecore experts have developed an innovative method that made the migration of a large portion of the content possible in a fully automated manner, resulting in significant savings in time and money.

Freerk Lap, Product Owner Online Marketing at Fijn Wonen, says: "The transition to Sitecore XM Cloud marks an important milestone for our digital roadmap. The significant improvements in speed and ease of use of the new Pages and Forms editors were much needed and confirm that Sitecore has taken a significant step towards a modern CMS that better meets the needs of content managers.

Special thanks go to Jeroen Huizinga for his inventive approach, which allowed us to immediately start using Sitecore Forms. His strategic approach and the smart use of Connect and Send enabled us to be the first in Europe to go live with Sitecore Forms' new module, just one day after its release. The team is grateful for all the effort and dedication of the developers, testers, and other stakeholders involved in this migration, and we look forward to the further development of the platform and collaboration."

Hero banner Fijn Wonen website on laptop

Jeroen Huizinga, Marketing Consultant at uxbee, was closely involved in the project and says: " is one of the first XM Cloud websites to use the new Forms module of Sitecore, and with success. Additionally, the website has become much faster, for both the visitor and the content editors. Editing pages has also become much more user-friendly thanks to Sitecore Pages, the completely renewed way for (content) marketers to create, manage, and optimize websites and digital experiences. We have been able to work together in a pleasant way, resulting in a successful migration. I am greatly looking forward to our further collaboration."

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