Marketers, discover the power of a Headless CMS

Customers today expect to be able to interact with businesses uninterrupted and at any time, regardless of their location or the device they are using, whether they are shopping, browsing or seeking answers to their questions. They expect a company to recognize their previous activities when they switch between devices so that their experience continues seamlessly.

A seamless omnichannel experience is exactly what consumers desire. However, it can be challenging for marketers to provide this experience when customers switch between devices or switch to new devices. 

One solution to this is to use a headless content management system (CMS), which allows content to seamlessly connect with the moments when a customer interacts. With a headless CMS, marketers have the ability to deliver content to customers' newest and most preferred touch points.

Although traditional CMS systems still dominate the market, many marketers are struggling to meet changing customer expectations. In light of these ever-renewing digital trends and expectations, now is the optimal time for digital marketers to delve into the flexibility, capabilities and benefits of a headless CMS.

Powerful and efficient, for optimal customer experiences

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Sitecore Content Hub is a powerful and integrated Saas solution for managing all your digital content and assets. Whether it's images, videos, documents, campaigns, web pages or other content; Sitecore Content Hub provides a central place to manage and distribute all your digital assets.

In addition, Sitecore Content Hub provides the flexibility to distribute content to different channels and devices, allowing you to quickly respond to changing market and customer needs.

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As a marketer, you're always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and Sitecore XM Cloud, a SaaS solution, can help. With XM Cloud, you can create personalized, contextual and relevant experiences for your customers, regardless of the channel or device on which the interaction takes place.

The platform uses advanced AI technology to provide insights into customer behavior and needs, allowing you to develop more effective campaigns and deliver more personalized experiences.

Sitecore SaaS DXP

Sitecore's advanced, cloud-native, composable SaaS DXP provides every marketer and developer with the power and flexibility they need to effectively reach customers, regardless of channel, location or time of day. The platform effortlessly integrates content, personalization, e-commerce and workflows to ensure a seamless and unparalleled customer experience.

At uxbee, we have more than 12 years of experience realizing, (re)developing and managing projects based on Sitecore technlogy. These include the development of RAI Amsterdam's websites based on Sitecore, which attract more than 5 million online visitors annually.

Sitecore has been designated by international research and consultancy Gartner as a leader in their GartnerĀ® Magic Quadrant evaluation for Digital Experience Platforms in 2023, for the fifth consecutive year.

We make sure your Headless Journey is carefree

The experts at uxbee have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing headless solutions. We are experts in Sitecore Headless Services, SXA, Next.js and the underlying architecture. Whether developing an entirely new solution on Sitecore XP, XM or XM Cloud, or migrating to a headless SaaS solution, our in-depth knowledge of Sitecore technology is unmatched. We'll make sure your transition to a headless CMS goes off without a hitch and that you can get the most out of your CMS platform.


Did you know that 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second? That's a lot of places for a customer to be. The rapid growth of IoT devices has had a major impact on consumer behavior. With a headless CMS, marketers have the ability to not only share their content via web and mobile, but also reach consumers on a variety of new channels.


A headless CMS allows you to connect to any technology, both current and future devices and customer touchpoints, eliminating concerns about the future. As a result, you are always prepared to welcome your customers to new communication channels, wherever they will be.


A headless CMS provides an environment where content can be reused and adapted for each channel or device. This prevents a marketer from needlessly duplicating content and ensures a consistent brand identity and message across channels, even in an organization with separate marketing teams.


With a headless CMS, your content is created, edited, stored, viewed and published in the same place. Content can be republished across channels, in any visual design, without the need to re-create anything. This unified architecture and way of working allows you to develop and adapt campaigns much faster. A quick market launch, means more edge over your competitors.


With the emergence of new IoT devices and sensors, a headless CMS allows marketers to experiment and explore different initiatives. One example is using Sitecore's headless CMS, which integrated IoT sensors with internal analytics systems and customer mobile apps.


A headless CMS not only connects seamlessly to any device, but can also be easily linked to any external tool or software on the market. Marketers can integrate with their favorite tools, from marketing automation solutions to CRM systems to conversion optimization technologies. With the flexibility to choose the most appropriate technology for every aspect of your marketing campaign, dependencies with vendors are a thing of the past.

6 Reasons to go headless

Consumers are always looking for new ways to communicate online. As a result, businesses that focus primarily on communication via desktop and mobile apps risk losing customers. Deploying multiple technologies is a choice, but the advent of headless CMS provides the solution for content creation, storage and publishing from a single platform, which is probably your preference as well.

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