Happy customers
= more sales

A happy customer almost always leads to higher retention and more sales. So what makes a customer a happy customer? The interaction with your customer support has quite an impact on that. A customer often has multiple touch points with your organization, so it is the responsibility of all employees to give the customer a good experience. When everyone in your organization has the same customer information, the chances are many times greater that the conversation will be clear and smooth. Your employee also no longer has to worry about which channel the conversation is going through; all channels are integrated in Microsoft Teams. So every customer can simply communicate with your organization through their favorite channel.

Clever customer engagement

Time is precious, at the same time you want to help every customer equally well. You overcome the generic questions by using the smart FAQ-bot on webchat, WhatsApp and social media channels. You train this smart system yourself by building and updating your FAQ database. The bot is smart enough to adapt to spelling mistakes and incomplete sentences. If the FAQ bot can't figure it out, it's up to your customer service team.

Does your customer get to that point of personal contact? Easy, because we integrate your customer engagement so that it becomes part of your own, existing business processes. Your customer chooses the channel; web chat, WhatsApp, SMS or another communication channel. All communication is unlocked in Microsoft Teams, where you easily communicate with your customer.

Tailored to your needs and desires

The type of service you provide determines your needs in customer support. Together we determine how to translate those needs into a custom app within your customer engagement portal.

As soon as a customer contacts you, you see all available customer data within your Teams environment thanks to a CRM integration. We supplement that information with what is relevant to you.

If you have a business in e-commerce, for example, we set up your platform so that you immediately see the shopping cart of the customer who contacts you. From the app, you can immediately take actions such as adjusting products, canceling orders, or whatever you wish. If you are in the service business, you might want to see the visitor profile of the customer who contacts you, including which web pages he has visited. But just what you can make the difference with, so personal.


All service calls are handled centrally within Microsoft Teams, taking into account employee availability and the status the call is in the process.


Customers can contact your sales or support staff directly on any device and through any channel, while your employees are available within Microsoft Teams.


Provides fully automated access to all the customer information you need by seamlessly integrating with your CRM, ERP, ATS or other systems, allowing your employees to communicate optimally with your customers.


Initial communication is handled by a smart FAQ chatbot. Simple questions are handled automatically, improving response times and reducing workload. The chatbot "reads" customer sentiment and can automatically escalate to employees if necessary.


Together we determine your specific needs and wishes within your customer support. We translate these into a custom app, the information within which is always immediately available as soon as a customer contacts us.

Contact Center & Social Messaging in a nutshell

It doesn't matter whether your customer contacts you via WhatsApp, web chat, social media, SMS, or any channel. All communication is unlocked to your Microsoft Teams environment. Ideal, because if you use Teams anyway, every user intuitively understands how the customer engagement plug-in works.

The customer data that you collect within your Sitecore platform is made available to the customer engagement plug-in. In this way, you always have the customer information relevant to you at hand, which of course ensures clear and personal communication with your customers.