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Every organization has unique needs, so a flexible cloud solution will be best for one company, while other companies will be better served with a product like XM or XP, Sitecore's platform variants. These integrated and complete platforms are hosted locally, making them perfect for companies that want control over their architecture. By listening carefully to your needs in a personal conversation, we can provide helpful advice on which type of platform best suits your needs. Let us know if we can help you. Prefer to do some research yourself first? Feel free to continue reading.

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XM vs XP

What are the similarities and differences between Sitecore XM and XP? The biggest difference is in the marketing functionalities. Where XP is the more complete variant. Within XP, you can perform session-spanning personalization, where within XM it is only possible within a visitor's current session. Because XP collects data across multiple sessions, you have the ability to use and analyze that data. Sitecore XM therefore has a smaller infrastructure and Cost of Ownership than XP. Both super-solid platforms, which one suits you best depends entirely on your wants, needs and goals.

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Sitecore XM

Sitecore XM is a CMS-only solution, you can manage multiple websites, in multiple languages and deliver multichannel within XM. Integrating with external applications, data and systems is possible. If there is no need for built-in analytics, deep personalization capabilities, email and marketing automation, then Sitecore XM may be the right platform for your organization.

  • Multiple websites, multilingual and multichannel
  • Visual editing, make adjustments, check and publish directly on the page
  • An intuitive form editor that lets you create drag and drop forms
  • Simplified personalization within the current site visit
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Sitecore XP

Sitecore XP is the same CMS solution as XM, with personalization, email and marketing automation on top. With XP, you can create personalized content and deliver it multichannel as well as build a complete picture of the customer journey. Thanks to data analytics, you can create personalized content, rule-based A/B tests and automation flows. All from one single platform.

  • All the options of Sitecore XM, plus:
  • Cross-session personalization based on user profiles
  • User data analysis, A/B test creation and optimization
  • Marketing automation, including email
  • Deliver omnichannel content, across multiple sites, languages and locations on any channel, device or touchpoint