What we can help you with

We are a specialized digital agency. We strongly believe that you can truly excel in what you do when there is focus. Our specialties are strategy, technology, implementation, and the adoption of technology within your organization. Everything we do is aimed at optimizing the customer experience for your clients.

Customer Experience Strategy

Does your organization have the optimal Customer Experience (CX) strategy to ensure a positive and consistent customer experience at every touchpoint? Our team of CX experts assists you in developing a strategy that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving your ROI and competitive position. We help you set clear goals, gain insight into customer needs, and implement a customer-centric approach.


The right architectural choice is essential for an effective and sustainable Digital Experience solution. It forms the basis for a strong digital customer experience, promotes growth, ensures cost efficiency, and facilitates integration with other systems. We ensure that the foundations of your DX solution are laid optimally.


At uxbee, we have assembled a team of unbeatable technology heroes. For our experienced architects, application and UI/UX developers, QA professionals, business analysts, marketers, and project managers, no challenge is too great, no problem is unsolvable – we are here for you, with a smile!

Sitecore Marketing Enablement

Are you a (content) marketer using Sitecore? Then you have access to a range of powerful and advanced features that make your work more enjoyable and efficient.

Not sure how to make the most of all these possibilities? Our experts help you get the most out of Sitecore.

Sitecore XM Cloud migration

Would you like to switch to Sitecore XM Cloud as your new DXP? Are you already using Sitecore XP and want to migrate to Sitecore XM Cloud to save significantly and let your marketing team benefit from the latest marketing technology? A switch or migration is less costly and complex than you might think, and we know it; we've done it many times before.

Support & Adoption

We understand that technology is originally an IT matter, but what if technology intersects with, for example, marketing, sales, and customer service? Suddenly, a larger group of people has a stake in the right choice. That's why we place so much value on guidance and adoption. And, of course, we ensure that your solution is always available and stable.

We'd like to keep you informed!

The experts at uxbee closely monitor the latest technological developments in the fields of customer experience, marketing, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, user experience, and more in the realm of digital transformation, and we're eager to share these updates with you.

The tools & solutions we embrace

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Here is a selection of our customers who have worked with us before you. With our knowledge and unique approach, we were able to help these organizations turn their Sitecore solutions into successes.