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Sneak preview of Sitecore XM Cloud new editor pages

In this follow-up (video) blog, I will give you a hands-on sneak preview of the new Sitecore XM Cloud editor, called Pages.

This video builds upon my previous blog, where I introduced you to the editor for marketers and content managers that is a standard component of Sitecore XM Cloud, the new SaaS solution of Sitecore.

By watching this new video, you will be able to gain even more insight into the editor and its capabilities, which will be helpful for maximizing the value of the tool for your content creation and management needs.

I also tried something new regarding the voice-over. I have written the transcript and used an AI Voice-over generator to create the voice-over for this video-tutorial. Pesonally, I see some pro's and con's but I'm also curious about how you experience this.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the editor or Sitecore XM Cloud or other Sitecore solutions, feel free to reach out te me. I'm always available to help and provide additional guidance.

Enjoy watching the video, and have a great time discovering the amazing new features of the editor!