RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam

The customer: RAI Amsterdam
The business owner: Bret Baas, Manager IT & Digital
Problem: Unstable Sitecore platform, poor website performance, no room for further development
Solution: Rebuilding Sitecore platform with a focus on efficiency, optimization, and standardization
Platform: Sitecore 10.2
Hosting: Sitecore Managed Cloud on containers

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Fijn Wonen

The customer: Fijn Wonen, part of Van Wijnen
The business owner: Freerk Lap, Product Owner Online Marketing
Assignment: Migration from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud
Platform: Sitecore XM Cloud
Hosting: Azure

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The customer: Stedin
The business owner: Sjoerd Hartman, Product Owner Online Marketing
Probleem: Lack of knowledge in migrating the Sitecore platform from version 7 to 9.3.
Oplossing: support by uxbee Sitecore architect as teamlead
Platform: Sitecore 9.3
Hosting: Azure PaaS

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Unifiedpost Group

The customer: Unifiedpost
The business owner: Geert Fransen, Corporate Technical Marketing manager
Problem: The way of working of the former partner no longer matched with that of Unifiedpost, causing the further development to stall
Oplossing: Optimization and further development of the platform
Platform: Sitecore 10.2
Hosting: Azure PaaS

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