Customized process for your unique needs at uxbee

An e-commerce or marketing solution that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives, that's our goal. Because with the right tools in hand, you can always be one step ahead of your competition. But how do we together find the solution that perfectly suits you? Simple: by listening carefully and asking the right questions. We convert this information into a technical solution that helps your organization grow and, just as importantly, that's a pleasure to work with!

We have translated our knowledge and experience into a process that clearly leads to success. This is why we know that every organization has its own unique character and challenges. Our partnership is designed around that, ensuring our process precisely fits what your organization needs.

01. Proposal

At this stage: introduction, Discovery Workshop, proposal & action plan, and agreement.

Transitioning to a new platform is a significant step; it's essential that our DNAs align. If our initial introduction shows that we have a connection, we quickly proceed with our unique Discovery Workshop.

Road to Succes method

We bring together all relevant stakeholders for the Discovery Workshop, where we map out your business objectives and expectations. Based on the information from this workshop, we draft a proposal and an action plan. You only sign when you are 100% satisfied. Only then do we move on to the next phase: Definition & Design.

02. Definition & Design

At this stage: kick-off, scope & definition, wireframe & website design, establish product backlog, and adoption.

We begin this phase with a kick-off meeting. Here, we discuss the objectives of the project, the teams involved, the processes, the tools, and the responsibilities. We define the project's scope and map out your wishes and requirements. We determine the boundaries of the project, including specific goals, necessary resources, timelines, and key KPIs. We create wireframes for the website and bring the design to life, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

In addition, during this phase, we establish the product backlog to map, organize, and prioritize all tasks and activities required for the development of the platform.


A crucial aspect of this stage is ensuring the organization embraces the new platform to be built. We observe that many organizations face challenges in this area. Much has been invested in technology, but it still often happens that the human factor, especially the end-user, is overlooked. The consequences can be catastrophic. Fortunately, more and more organizations are becoming aware of this, and we can assist them.

03. Development

At this stage: implementation, content migration, Quality Assurance & acceptance, setting up the support, and pre-launch.

It's time to build your platform, and we do this based on Scrum. Migration of existing content is often essential during realization, for which we develop a strategy. We determine what we can migrate automatically and what needs to be transferred manually. We ensure that your content remains easily discoverable in search engines and is optimized where necessary. We train marketers and content editors so that, upon the technical completion of the platform and with our assistance, they can immediately start with the content migration.

"When the technical realization of the platform is complete, the stakeholders conduct acceptance based on a User Acceptance Test (UAT). They thoroughly test the new platform, after which any findings are resolved. As soon as the new platform goes live, we take it into support immediately. To ensure a smooth transition, the support organization is established during this phase. We draft a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Document of Agreements and Procedures (DAP), and we set up the support desk. We then conduct a pre-launch or soft-launch. We make the website available to a select audience to gather valuable feedback, for instance, about its performance. During the pre-launch, marketing campaigns such as social media teasers, email marketing campaigns, blogs, or press releases can also be rolled out, generating buzz around the upcoming launch of the website.

04. Launch & support

At this stage: go-live, warranty period, and transition to the support organization.

Ready, set? Go! We move the website from the staging environment to the live environment. This marks the beginning of the next phase: monitoring, optimization, and ongoing maintenance. And not to forget, we offer a 60-day warranty period on the new platform..

60-day warranty period

Should any errors occur within 60 days of delivery, we will rectify them free of charge. After this warranty period, we take the platform into support. We proactively ensure that the platform remains stable and that malfunctions are prevented as much as possible. You can also expect non-binding improvement suggestions from us to further optimize your platform.

05. Continuous development

At this stage: continuous development and future-proofing.

Continuous development of your platform is crucial to keep up in the rapidly changing digital world.

It enables you to respond to the dynamic needs of your customers, stay ahead of your competitors, and ensure that your platform meets the latest technical requirements. We call this 'future-proof' at uxbee.